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Acquiring real estate comes with very specific financial advantages and is a great safe harbor for money. Among other things, there is a specific amount of income tax liability that is able to be written off every year as depreciation. Cost segregation accelerates the income tax depreciation and creates categorical losses that may be written off year one.
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Office building

Office buildings are perfect candidates for cost segregation - the parts and pieces that make up these buildings yield big results.


Hotels gain a huge advantage by using 7-year property - FF&E - to offset income tax and accelerating depreciation.


Multi-Family is our bread & butter. Renovations and interior millwork make great options for accelerated depreciation.

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Kevin has been awesome to work with and extremely responsive whenever I have needed his help. His honest feedback & knowledge of the process has been essential in my decision-making process both for my personal portfolio & assisting my clients.

James conrad

Kevin is great guy and extremely knowledgeable and always makes himself available.  Kevin went above and beyond and exceeded all of our expectations.  Not only did he quote us fairly reasonable time frames, but he ended up performing ahead of schedule on multiple occasions!  I highly recommend Kevin and will absolutely be using him again in the near future.

aaron sklar

I've worked with Kevin on various projects over the past few years.  He has a great ability to "think outside the box" and is always looking out for his client's best interests, even in areas outside of cost segregation.  He is responsive and great to work with.

james vanden bosch

Kevin and his team dug into our commercial real estate investments and identified many value add opportunities we were not utilizing. I would definitly recommend Kevin for his cost segregation knowledge and services.

john o'flaherty